Our Emperor Needs A Face

Michael the First, Emperor of Bay City, also known as Emperor Michael, also known as Michael the Moleman, also known as Your Highness, has so far shown that his heart is in the right place with his statements and proclamations.

Since his crowning he has called for the abolishment of security orbs and ban lines, he ordered the installation of public safety shelters, he reached out to the city workers Xiola and Strawberry, he shared his worry about the Arch District, he expressed his care about the Bellisseria community and he loudly requested (nearly demanded) to receive a Bellisseria content pack.

I have yet to meet a citizen of our Fine City that doesn't have feelings about Emperor Michael I. Most have met this scruffy man with his feathered hat, scribbling his lists, listening to upset citizens, selling prim boxes, smelling like an open sewer.

Despite him being well known he manages to evade the equipment to make snapshots. Even distant methods to make a snapshots have so far been unsuccessful.
No idea how he does that.

Since so many have seen him, since we have in our Fine City so many talented creators, I call upon the citizens to send me an artist impression of Emperor Michael the First.

Your sketch/ painting/ drawing will be used for future publications about Emperor Michael the First in your favourite newspaper, the Bay City Post.

Since it is quite hard to motivate volunteers to do something I (Vick) will personally donate L$10.000 to Child's Play (through our local Bay Resident) in the name of the artist that makes the best impression of Emperor Michael the First.

Send me your artwork! vickforcella (at) gmail -dot- com

If your artwork is chosen you will receive eternal bragging rights and will become absolutely famous, since it will appear here in your newspaper with almost each publication about Michael I.
Small print. If you send your artwork you know the above and agree with it.

Send in your artwork! Give Michael I a face.
Reporter Vick Forcella

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