Bay City Post, Edition 89

Welcome to the eightyninth edition of the Bay City Post!
Keeping you updated on the best city on the grid!

Your reporters went out through hail and rain, thunderstorms and tsunamis, sunshine and droughts, to bring you the news and latest gossip from our Fine City.

In this edition we have for you,

Second Life 17th birthday
SL17B is open till July 10. Now is a great moment to visit. Not many visitors so less lag.
We have visited many places but had to make a selection on what to report about.
Thank you Fenix for helping out!

The previous edition is available in our archive.
RacerX Gullwing, the one and only, has made a video of the parade of the 12th anniversary of Bay City. Enjoy!

Draxtor has given special attention to the SL railroads. He made 5 videos one of them featuring Bay City and the Bay City Post.

Screenshot, no need to click play
A complete list of all the videos can be found here.
Railroads Made in Second Life 5 parts and an interview between Draxtor Despres and Patch Linden, Athos Murphy (fka Michael Linden), Hrdtop75 Deluxe, and Zen Swords-Galway.
Sheree Honeyflower challenged the SL gods and entered the Hairy Hippo's Lollercoaster.

Editor Vick Forcella

Tear and tier are pronounced the same
Tear and tear are pronounced differently
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