Strict No Machinima Policy Eyed By City Council

Mayor supports new privacy laws.

The Bay City council has been discussing the current machinima policy that allows people to create machinima in our Fine City. After several video directors created machinima in our Fine City there has been a call from fractions to tighten the current policy only allowing to make machinima after consent from the land owners.
They motivate this policy change with the argument that machinima can invade the privacy of people and homes and that machinima creators make profits from house and landowners.
They proposed a contract between the citizen and the machinima creator before machinima is made. In that contract it should be made clear what percentage of profit will flow towards the citizen.
Without a contract machinima creators should defer making machinima at that place.

As expected the Mayor supports the implementation of such strict rules.

During the discussions between the different fractions it became clear that a policy change is only possible after implementing a city wide covenant for all the regions with the help and support of city workers.

After long lasting elaborations it was decided not to change the current policy. To change it would be nearly impossible.

Right after the council meeting the mayor was asked what the consequences would be.

"I'll have to remove my toys" was the reply as the mayor quickly moved away from the microphone.
Shortly after this explosions were heard.

More information about the machinima policy can be found here.

This article might have been inspired by the image of the Bay City Post in one of Draxtor his videos.
Reporter Vick Forcella


  1. ArgontheDevil Ormega respond:

    Anyone wishing to create machinima on the grounds or public buildings on the Argon Engineering land has full permission to do so.

  2. it might be true that Draxtor is able to make money out of videos - as far as I know he is promoting Second Life all oaver the world - and Second Life company could expect a minimum of cooperation at this regards - but is is strange to founda general rule that will hit turists and artists that usually make no money at all...

    1. The policy for Bay City has not been changed. No need to worry.



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