Bay City Post, March 2016

WELCOME to the fifty-fourth issue of the Bay City Post! - Keeping you updated on the best city on the grid!

It's March, and those blustery winds are bringing some changes to our fair city. Ivan Suen, long time landlord over at Northstar Properties, has decided to sell his properties at drastically-discounted rates to his tenants, and to donate all of the proceeds to Child's Play, Bay City's charity of choice. In addition, he has transferred the Bay City Heliport to a group of people who love both Bay City and SL aviation (see story below). While Bay City (and myself in particular!) will miss Ivan's creativity, sharp sense of humor, and dedication to Ever-like mayhem, he has promised to stop by and visit the builds he is leaving behind, namely the Bay City Brewery and Club Sandwich.

March is also bringing a change to the Bay City Post, as I will be taking over editing responsibilities from our esteemed (not the) Mayori and Interim Editor, Marianne McCann. Sitting at the editor's desk in the Post offices tonight, I can see the fires burning at the driving school across the Plaza, and can see Ever Dreamscape's smiling face on the billboard above it. I hope to show that Ever's spirit of playful creativity and organized mayhem is alive and well in our fair city, and shining through these pages every month. 

And so...on with the March issue of the Bay City Post!

Kinnaird (Kinn) Fiachra,  Editor


All that, and maybe some more!      

The Toxic Taco's attempt to make their own "extra thick shamrock shake" leads to disaster!

More Breaking News -  New Owner for the Bay City Heliport!

Congratulations to Bay City's own TJ Hooker, proud new owner of the Bay City Heliport.  He and I are in the process of transitioning the land group, but I am happy to report that Bay City will continue to have multiple places to fly.  -Ivan Suen

In photo above, TJ Hooker, Silvia Hooker, and Brian Hackett discuss plans for the Heliport

Prior to the passing of Ever Dreamscape, as her health was deteriorating, she met with me over at the Bay City Post. The upshot of that meeting? I would be the new editor of the paper in her absence. At the time, it was assumed it would be a temporary assignment, but the fates had another idea.

I expressed concerns with her, knowing that my own schedule is always perpetually overloaded. This was just one more plate for me to spin, and I was already more than over loaded. Plus, knowing I already head the Bay City Alliance, it seemed to me that it would be better with a another voice in the mix.

So I have always looked at myself as an "interim" editor, hoping to find a new voice to take on the role. I am proud to say that we have indeed found such a person, as Kinn takes on the duties of editor of the Bay City Post. I am sure she will do a fabulous job, given her own writing on the Mainland Matters blog and elsewhere.

I'll still be around, of course, providing Molewatch and other needs around the paper.

I'm proud of what I did manage to get out under my watch, including a fairly involved cleanup of the Post website, but I think everyone will benefit by an editor who can truly build the paper in a more timely fashion.

So welcome, Kinn!

(...and be sure to fix the editor's chair. Those casters are terrible!)

Sunny Salutations   \o/

Marianne McCann, Interim Editor

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