Police and Fire Blotter by ThomasHooker

December 5th, Mashpee - The Bay City Fire Department responded to a residential fire on Willow Drive in Mashpee. Recognizing the address, responders feared an electrical fire due to the massive amounts of Christmas lights. Despite having the entire Fire Department respond to the call, the fire turned out to simply be a cereal box which was burnt by the toaster. When asked for a comment, the Fire Chief said "At least it wasn't the lights. If those go, they could take out this side of the city."

December 6th, Edgartown -
A bus driver called for the Bay City Fire Department after crashing into a building. Accident investigators with the Bay City Police Department are not certain how the bus ended up stuck on the balcony. Thanks to quick work from the BCFD, all avatars were safely rescued from the bus. The building, however, needed new stucco.

December 7th, New Port -
The Bay City Coast Guard brought in an ice-breaker after the Harbor-master reported ice covering the Bay City Marina. Several boats were seen with snow inside of them as the weather system moved in rather quickly. Thanks to the BCCG Ice-breaker, The Biscay, the ice was cleared in time for the rumble.

December 10th, Mashpee -
Investigators from the Sansara Bureau of Investigation responded to reports of an inter-dimensional portal appearing in The Pen. The area was sealed off after the Mayori was seen going through the portal for a visit. The agent in charge of the scene, Agent Mulder, had no comment at the time.

December 11th, Bay City -
Power went out across Bay City as the power seemed drawn to Mashpee. Emergency crews responded, thinking there were downed power lines. Once engineers were on scene, they discovered the source to be none other than TJ Hooker's Christmas lights. One engineer was overheard saying "I swear, it gets worse every year. If he puts up any more lights, We'll have to start bringing in power from East River. We're already tapping into our backup supply in Shermerville."

December 22nd, Truro -
The Bay City Police Department responded to reports of a burglary in Georgia's Beauty Parlor. Officers did not find anything missing, however, witnesses place the notorious Sal Corleone at the scene. Since nothing was missing, the BCPD handed the case over to the Sansara Bureau of Investigation to add to their ongoing case file against Mr Corleone.

December 24th, Bay City -
Several people across the city reported hearing noises across their roofs. One person stated that when they tried calling the BCPD, they were told that all officers were busy with a special VIP escort and unable to respond. A witness reports seeing a Bay City Police Car in front of his house with person that appeared to be Santa carrying a large sack driving along behind them. The witness's camera broke when he tried to take a photo, though he says he found a brand new camera under the tree the next morning.

December 27th, North Channel -
The Bay City Police Department was called out to what appeared to be a dead body in one of the port-a-pottys at the Bay City Fairgrounds. Officers found a person passed out in the potty wearing a sweater that said "Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho." The Bay City Chief of Police had this to say during an interview: "While the person most certainly smelled like a dead body and they were unresponsive, the subject was still alive. We have discovered that the victim had passed out at a party and was taken to the fairgrounds as a gag by his friends who had watched the annual airing of Die Hard at Christmas"

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