Police and Fire Blotter by ThomasHooker

January Police and Fire Blotter

January 3rd, Daley Bay - A large ship on its way from New Port crashed into the shore during a Bay City Alliance Meeting. The Commandant of the Bay City Coast Guard was present at the meeting, and was able to respond to the incident instantly. No avatars were harmed, though the owner of the vessel was advised to take lessons in docking a ship.

January 10th, Mashpee -
A large bus was impounded from a residence in Mashpee after the homeowner reported the vehicle blocking his house for days. According to the police report, the owner of the bus was last seen at a party held in the complainant's house. It is believed that the driver had too much to drink and decided to walk home rather than drive.

January 16th, Bay City -
A yellow sports car crashed into a Bay City Police cruiser as the officer was stopped at an intersection. The suspect fled, leading the officer on a high speed pursuit out of Bay City. A nearby Deputy with the Sansara Sheriff's Department helped the BCPD officer set up a roadblock, trapping the suspect between the roadblock and the end of the roadway. None of the avatars involved were injured, though minor damage was done to the BCPD cruiser.

January 19th, Sandwich -
The BCPD responded to reports of griefers in the vicinity of Adam's Ribs. Upon arrival, one of the suspects decided to dance on the officer's car, while wearing an adult attachment. The officer filed an abuse report and removed the suspects from the property. The officer was later seen shopping for eye bleach in the local grocery store.

January 24th, Dennis -
The BCPD responded to reports of a streaker in the area near the Bay City Arboretum. Officers investigated the neighborhood, but the suspects were not to be found. Sources who were at the police station at the time overheard one of the dispatchers complaining about young hooligans and prank calls again.

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