Police and Fire Blotter by ThomasHooker

Police and Fire Blotter - February 2017

March 2nd, Sandwich - Nearby residents called the Bay City Police Department as several robot looking avatars entered the Toxic Taco, yelling "EXTERMINATE!" Local authorities have declined to comment on the situation, aside from a tip from the Mayori's office "Dalek Supreme comes with guacamole and sour cream!"

March 9th, Bay City -
During a pursuit a Bay City Police cruiser's engine caught fire. The fire was quickly put out by the Bay City Fire Department. The cruiser was towed to Hooker's Garage for repairs and the Chief was overheard saying "If it starts making a clanking noise, that does not mean go faster"

March 17th, Docklands -
The Bay City Police Department was called to a vehicle accident as a car collided with the trolley. The driver was not injured, and was cited for driving under the influence of Bay City Brew.

March 17th, Daley Bay -
A fast response boat from the Bay City Coast Guard pulled a man from the bay after a passing pilot called in a report of a drowning man. The man was slightly green and covered in some sort of slime. One of the responding crew members stated "This kind of thing happens every year. People indulge a bit much at the Brewery and end up doing crazy things. The green slime is new though. I don't think the water has turned people green before."

March 17th, North Channel -
A local fisherman reported seeing a Nessie like creature swimming in the channel. The fisherman was later seen at the nearby pub, mumbling as he drank a pitcher of Bay City Brew, "Sometimes that Nessie, he looks right into ya. Right into your eyes. Y'know the thing about Nessie, he's got... lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eyes. When he comes at ya, doesn't seem to be livin'."

March 28th, Dennis -
Concerned citizens called the Bay City Police Department after spotting a streaker near The Bay City Arboretum of Rather Atypical Vegetation. The alleged streaker was gone by the time police were on scene. The responding officer was overheard grumbling about region ratings and people who ignore them. The Chief of Police declined to comment on the issue.

March 30th, Sandwich -
A Sharknado touched down at the Toxic Taco. No avatars were injured, though neighbors have started to complain about a fishy smell. A note from management says that fish tacos are half off and made from fresh fish. They just didn't say what kind of fish...

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