Police and Fire Blotter by ThomasHooker

Police and Fire Blotter - February 2017

February 4th, Bay City - A mysterious flier was sent out to citizens across Bay City. The flier also started appearing plastered in random places throughout town. The Bay City Police Department is investigating, but has not released any information regarding the investigation.

February 7th, Argos -
The Bank of Bay City was robbed today only hours after the first delivery of cash was received. Witnesses report seeing the woman known as "The Cat" together with the person who may be responsible for the fliers that recently appeared.

February 9th, Dennis -
Agents from the Sansara Bureau of Investigation raided an apartment in the Park Plaza after receiving a tip that an international fugitive was staying inside. The fugitive, a Gao Chen, is known to be part of the Wo Shing Wo Triad. Mr Chen was taken to the Bay City Police Department and held for questioning.

February 9th, Docklands -
An arrest was made following a traffic stop along Willoughby Way. The suspect was taking Michael Linden's Daihatsu Midget for a joyride. The vehicle was returned to the original location.

February 11th, Mashpee -
Bay City Police responded to an art theft at the LX Gallery in Mashpee. The stolen art was returned and the suspect was arrested at the scene. The suspect crashed on a region crossing and is still at large.

February 13th, Edgartown -
Concerned neighbors reported hearing explosions at the Bay City Police Station late last night. Reports state that the explosions were part of a plot to break Mr Chen out of the jail by Mr Corleone. The Chief of Police made this statement early this morning: "Late last night there was a break-in at the Bay City Police Station. The break-in was orchestrated by Sal Corleone in order to break Mr Chen out of the holding cells. There was some minor structural damage to the external walls of the station during the explosion and we are going to take this opportunity to do some remodeling."

February 16th, Falmouth -
The Bay City Coast Guard was called out for a stalled vessel blocking the West Channel. The vessel was restarted and was able to continue it's journey without further complications.

February 20th, Bay City -
The Bay City Police Department received a report of a missing More button. The button is missing from the Mayori's feed page and goes by the name of Fred. If anyone has information on this missing button, please call the station.

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