Bay City Post - November 2015

WELCOME to the Fiftieth issue of the Bay City Post! - Keeping you updated on the best city on the grid.


Wow! Issue 50! Who'd have ever seen THAT happening?

It's at last Autumn, even if my television wants to push me into Christmas already! Go away, retailers, you bother me!

Second Life, too, seems to move into the holidays in high gear, but me, I'll enjoy the crisp air and the crunch of autumn leaves.

And I hope you enjoy the November issue of the Post!

Sunny Salutations   \o/

Marianne McCann, Interim Editor



All that... and... some other stuff, I think.      



Toxic Taco might have ordered just a bit too much hot sauce this time...

(Thanx to Pygar Bu for the pix!)


Page 2 Editorial: "On The Move"

As mentioned last month, ADudeNamed Anthony has an automated street sweeper plying the streets of Bay City. Since last issue he has added a taxi and a mail truck to the automated vehicles on our roads. He is also working on a vintage bus to add to the fleet.

Automated vehicles has a long history in Second Life, from the Kissling Telehopper and the Great Second Life Railway, the Lost Lakes balloon tour, and even the LDPW-made conveyances in Bay City.

Over the last few years, too, another member had created an innovative but often disliked system of vehicles that created their own path on the grid. That user has apparently recently left Second Life as well.

I personally am delighted by the addition of Anthony's vehicles to the roads. They definitely add some color and movement to our streets. That might surprise some folks, given I was not a fan of that other members -- but I never disliked those for being cars on roads (though some of the vehicles left much to be desired) -- but for the vehicles being user unfriendly.

What makes Anthony's different from those (and more in line with the Bay City LDPW one or others named above) is that they use a set path to make their way around, rather than trying to create their own paths along Linden Roads. That can cause vehicles to get stuck, to weave, and otherwise cause troubles. Anthony's are also full phantom, meaning you will not get struck by any of them -- and therefore no insurance claims!

If you're lucky, too, you can catch a ride in these. Give them a try.



The weather was in the mid 80s on October 21st. The Mid-1980s that is. We all went back... TO THE FUTURE!


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  1. Thank you and all for your compliments on the new automated cars. I hope you continue to enjoy them.



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