Bay City Post - August 2015

WELCOME to the Forty-eighth issue of the Bay City Post! - Keeping you updated on the best city on the grid.

Where have you been?

Well, so I intended a June issue. Oh yes, and July. And August was going to be a lot closer to the first too. But then things happened.

What things?

We had the big Bay City anniversary event, which was a blast. Some amazing performers, some cool art, and a ton of fun at the parade and live music event was had by all. 

Then of course SL12B, the big birthday event for Second Life. I was co-lead on that. It was a lot of time and work. Oh yes, and Bay City had a super pavilion built by myself, ADudeNamed Anthony and Pygar Bu. Amongst other things.

There was also Camp HardKnock, which was kinda a getaway for me. So that was good.

Oh, and I did things like manage the chat for the June round of the Arcade (the September one is coming too!), assisted on set up for Collabor88 (I do this every month on the 6th), did sets, props, and extra-wrangling for Draxtor Despres on The Drax Files: World Makers, and had more than a few other things.

Then first life stuff, including a ton of stuff with my family.

Where was I? Oh yes. The Bay City Post. So... I ran behind. I apologize, and will try to do better! That's gonna be why some of the stuff in this issue might feel a bit past-due -- but I hope you enjoy it none the less!

Sunny Salutations   \o/

Marianne McCann, Interim Editor



All that... and... MOAR.      



Dinosaur escapes from Paleo Quest, gets into the "Jurassic Tapas" plate at Toxic Taco

Watch for "Dino droppings" in the area!    


Page 2 Editorial: "Setting Land 'not for sale'

Since Bay City's earliest days, land in the city has commanded a premium. Triple digit prices are a commonplace occurance here, with people attracted to the theme, the double prim allotment, the prestige of the area, or just our humble community.

This has made Bay City popular with land barons and flippers since the very first auction, with parcels then going from L$100,000 to upwards of L$300,000 in just a couple days. The downside of this rampant speculation led the market to quickly our-price anyone but land speculators, leaving Bay City empty but for "For Sell" signs.

This is still the situation in Bay City today, particularly in the westside. There are a great number of parcels with hefty price tags. These same parcels are for sale for days, weeks, and months -- with no buyers.

In First Life, the notion of supply and demand takes cane of this in no time. If you can't sell something for a high price, you drop your price until it does. 

The same market forces don't seem to be in effect in Bay City, where people will just keep parcels at high prices regardless of the market. Meanwhile, people who might otherwise come to Bay City and make something great are left out, priced out by purchase prices well beyond many's means.

Tome, this means that the land is really set "not for sale.' It's not how you attract a buyer and get out from under the land.     



The Supreme Court of Second Life ruling hands down landmark decision!

Same-Sex Mole-age now legal in Second Life   


How have things been at Toxic Taco?

Their "Sinko De Mayo" celebration did not quite go off as expected

Also, they faced a bit of shrapnel from the demolition of the SL12B cake


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