Bay City Post - August 2017

WELCOME to the seventy-first issue of the Bay City Post - Keeping you updated on the best city on the Grid!

As one of my reporters reminded me, August is generally a time when "all good Europeans and psychoanalysts take off", and I was starting to think we would be doing the same. First Life has thrown me some serious curves over the past six months - some good, some bad, all life-changing...and Second Life has been put on a back burner because of it. I had decided to give up my editorship of the Post, but sitting in my office this morning, I remembered so many of the reasons that Second Life, and Bay City in particular, mean so much to me..and I reconsidered that decision.

Second Life is a magical place for me, and not just because I can color my hair blue on a whim. ;) From my first day here, when a friend took me to The Far Away and I was reminded of the Territories from Stephen King's "The Talisman", this has been a place which has filled me with wonder, and has often taken my breath away. I've made some very good friends in this world. I also met Ziki here, someone who fills both of my lives with love, laughter and adventure. Logging in may be more difficult when First Life gets this crazy, but SL is not something I'd ever want to lose.

And Bay City has been a part of my Second Life from the beginning. The building where the Post is located is in Dennis, the hub of so much Ever-induced mayhem in the past. I have a lot of good memories here, and one of the main reasons I took on the editor job was to honor Ever Dreamscape's memory. But I've come to realize that if I'm to do this job, I need to make it my own. When I took over the Brewery after Ever died, I planned to leave it as it was. But the joke was on me, because I turned on autoreturn and within seconds, the only thing left on the plot was a Dreamscape Insurance Policy, hanging in thin air. I could almost hear Ever laughing at me. She wouldn't have wanted a shrine; she'd have wanted us to make our own fun, and to create our own our own unique ways.

So, I'm staying, but expect some changes as I figure out how the Post needs to evolve. Have ideas? Let me know! And as I stated last month, the Post is looking for several talented reporters willing to write occasional articles for the front page, and also has a potential opportunity for a columnist (complete with your very own extra special desk in the newsroom!) Do you have an interest in what's happening in Bay City? Are YOU perhaps what's happening in Bay City? Well now's your chance to let your talents and your love for Bay City shine. We will ply you with endless coffee, our undying gratitude, and special access to the large gorilla perched atop the Post building. If this sounds like it is your cup of tea (or bunch of bananas), give us a shout!

Enjoy the last days of summer, and I'll see you in September!



What Could Go Wrong?

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