Bay City Post - July 2017

WELCOME to the seventieth issue of the Bay City Post - Keeping you updated on the best city on the Grid!

Bay City at SL14B
June saw the celebration of Second Life's fourteenth birthday, and as always, Bay City took part in the celebrations.  The slim, creative parcel build (pictured above) was designed by Marianne McCann, and featured an era-specific themed interior to highlight the best of our fair City. Years ago, an impromptu party at Bay City's birthday parcel was what introduced me to the City and it's fun-loving inhabitants. I hope that many more people found their way to Bay City through this year's display.

Reporters and Columnist Needed!

As you look through this month's columns, you'll notice that Georgia Florence Sipe, the Post's fashion reporter, has had to resign her position due to several new projects in both lives. Do you have an idea for a column? Send me an email at and let me know!

In addition. the Post is looking for several talented reporters willing to write occasional articles for the front page. Do you have an interest in what's happening in Bay City? Are YOU perhaps what's happening in Bay City? Well now's your chance to let your talents and your love for Bay City shine. We will ply you with endless coffee, our undying gratitude, and special access to the large gorilla perched atop the Post building. If this sounds like it is your cup of tea (or bunch of bananas), give us a shout!

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