Bay City Post - September 2017

WELCOME to the seventy-second issue of the Bay City Post — Keeping you updated on the best city on the Grid!

Miss Bay City 2017

We have a brand new Miss Bay City — our very own DJ extraordinaire, GoSpeed Rasere (GoSpeed Racer) !

GoSpeed can often be found DJing events in our fair city. She stated that she was excited to be chosen as this year's Miss Bay City, and is honored to represent the best of who we are, both at events here at home and further abroad throughout the Grid! If you see her out and about, please say hello!

And don't forget to check out GoSpeed's business enterprise, Bay City's favorite radio station — KONA Stream! Still alive and kicking after nearly 11 years in world, their homepage is

Smash 'Em Up Derby, Bay City Style

Our very own ADudeNamedAnthony, host of the Thursday Rumbles, occasionally gives us an extra-special treat. The Demolition Derby is a glorious and chaotic Rumble, with cars scripted to fall apart gradually. The more the cars crash into each other, the more they fall apart...and they may even burst into flames! 

If you are not already a member, join the Bay City Alliance group for notices of events like these. Or, think about hosting your own event and highlighting your own business or property! If you've not yet noticed, Bay City Citizens love to play!

Bay City Souvenirs

The Plaza Hotel is currently sponsoring some land for a Bay City Souvenirs shop on the Dennis sim. It is located across the street from the Bay City History Pavilion and next to Hyperbole Tower.

The souvenirs store offers Bay City visitors and resident all sorts of Bay City souvenirs. At the moment a few souvenirs have been made and rezzed in the store. But more are needed!

We would like to call on all of you to donate a Bay City freebie. We are still looking for Bay City greeting cards (textures), for our postcard stand. But if you can also think of a gift from your store — maybe a fine Bay City wine, a t-shirt, scarfs, flags, toys....anything is welcome to fill up this wonderful store!

A few things needs to be taken in consideration:
— The object is (of course) Bay city related; either to sim or your Bay city shop, location, occupation, etc.
— It needs to be set for sale; so it needs to be transferable. Deliver the object full perm with your instruction as to to which permissions you like to have it set to.
— There is a terminal in the store where you can deliver your goods! Drag your object with control-shift onto the top of the delivery boxes.

If this is complicated or is not working out, you can contact Roc (Roc Plutonian), enola em (enola Vaher) or Laoin Xaris.

Add a notecard with your object to tell about your place in Bay City and LM.

We are looking forward to your goods!

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