//archived Bay City Cruisin' with "Deadline" Dakota Schwade

Bay City Cruisin' with Dakota Schwade

October 2017

I was out for a drive through town recently and kept experiencing difficulties. A flat tire here, ran out of gas there ... and how did that light pole jump out in front of me? Anyway, at each unexpected stop I looked around and found something interesting.


1 - Bay City Municipal Aeroport
Hau Koda

On September 19, Linden Lab announced a grid-wide experience entitled "Tyrah and the Curse of the Magical Glytches."

In a nutshell the game has you traveling from place to place, capturing little creatures before they can cast a hilarious magical spell against you. The rewards include the accumulating of gems for redemption towards prizes or more specific activities within the game.

In our fair Bay City I know of two locations that are currently active for this experience: the airport at Hau Koda and the hotel in Falmouth.



2 - Dunkin' Donuts Coffee Shop & Donut Shop
Bay City - Harwich

Last month I stumbled upon a location involved in the Life2 role-play system. Well ... I found another one: "Come hang out @ Dunkin' Donuts, your top choice destination to meet new friends & chill with old ones!! Coffee & Pastries galore!"


3 - Einwohnermeldeamt (Registration Office)
Bay City - Argos

Some of our German residents have this canal-adjacent land dedicated to the headquarters of their "PGA group." Prominently displayed is a ferris wheel. There can also be found gacha machines, various items set for sale, and a map of their other Bay City locations.


4 - W-Zero
Bay City - Imaginario

In this active Japanese-themed store can be found mesh clothing and costumes, along with appropriate accessories. And don't forget the gacha machines (those are so popular!).

Until next time, happy motoring!

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