ZOMG This is tonight!!!

Espresso Yourself night, every first Tuesday from 6-8 p.m. SLT at The Pen, located in the heart of Bay City - Mashpee, just off Route 66!

What is "Espresso Yourself?" It's a chance to take your spot on the stage and share. Tell a joke, share your poetry, read a chapter from your favorite book, sing a song.  Just share! Voice or Text. Talent not required, but passion is mandatory. Also, no mimes.

The key here is to participate.
How can you participate?
Just choose an item off our menu!

Read a poem. Poetry is always encouraged at the pen. Share one of your own, or one by someone else. Read it on voice or type it out. You can even pre-record some sound files if you want to get really inventive.

Share a favorite story. Could be something you've experienced that you want to share. Could be a story out of a book that makes you think or that you just enjoy.

Share a picture of something you've built recently - or something you've built in the past - tell us about it, what were the challenges? What was fun? share the experience.

Free Advice. Tell LL how to fix Second Life, or tell us how to use it! Rant, rave, share.

I read the news today: tell us something you read in the news that caught your eye. Tell us what's going on!

Random beauty. Show us a photo of something that caught your eye. Share something of beauty and tell us about it. Maybe it's a pretty first life thing, or maybe it's a gorgeous place in here.

Surprise us: hand puppets,. juggling, wacky gags, etc.! Do something different and wild.

Just want to hang out? We'll let you can do that too: but you can still talk, still interact, and still be a part of the show. Everyone is a participant, even if you might not realize it.

Also, why not toss a few bones in the ol tip jar, too, or buy a fresh cuppa? It helps keep the lights on.

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