WELCOME to the twenty-sixth issue of the Bay City Post!

High Five

It’s been five years and Bay City is alive and thriving! Join in the fun all month as it will be high times in this hot town all around. We’ve got a parade, a party, a new monthly event, races every Thursday, new neighbors to meet, old friends to greet, and lots of fun to be had. So don’t be sad, stand up and be glad… and say Happy Birthday Bay City! … So I ask you to ask not what you can do for your city, but what can your city do… wait a second… I’ll bet you *do* want to know what you can do for your city! Well I’m gonna tell ya. Come to an event. Host an event. Join the Bay City Role Players Union. Take a friend on a tour. Help out a newbie. Thank a Linden. Thank a Mole. Come to Bay City Alliance meeting. Volunteer to help. Build something fun and in ‘theme”. Show your pride; we’ve got banners, flags, textures, buildings, and more at the Community Center. List your business and/or attraction in the center directory and/or in the Second Life Destination Guide. ….and… ask Marianne McCann for your own personal free and low prim Bay City Post newspaper box! :D

And now for your singing pleasure (?) Up up and away…. La la in my beautiful my beautiful la laaaaaaaaa.

Happy Anniversary!

Sunny Salutations \o/ Ever Dreamscape, Editor

Bay City Anniversary poster by Marianne McCann

Bay City fifth anniversary by Stryker Jenkins

Moving to Bay City?

You don’t have to be rich to rock my world…
Many people lament that they would love to move to Bay City, but that the prices are too steep. Well perhaps you’d like to consider a few things before you give up and move to leaner priced parcels.
First and foremost it is important to note that while property values are high indeed, not necessarily *the* highest in Second Life; (and one wonders why considering the highly active community and its many events), there are many many rental properties available at highly competitive prices. This can mean a motel, hotel, apartment, or your own lot on which to build whatever you desire. Renting is an affordable option and a great way to try the place out to see if you might want to become a permanent resident. Check out ads in the community center or just take a spin around to look for rental signs.
Note: you do not need to be a resident of Bay City to participate in events and activities here… just come on over and join in the fun!
How much is a prim worth? If you plan on staying in Second Life for a while, tier fees can add up. Those double prims do take a long time to pay for themselves, but consider that most Bay City parcels also offer up buffer space between you and your neighbor; such as roadways, canals, parks and more. How much would it cost you to allocate land and prims to effect a nice safeguard between you and someone else’s encroaching prims and/or hovertext, fullbrights etc.? Also keep in mind that higher prices generally ensure that people care more for what they do put on their lots and maintaining them.
What about your sanity? Well I’ll be the first to admit that not all of Bay City is peaceful and quiet, however the residents do tend to pull together quite successfully in combatting grief and bad behaviors. It just *feels* safer than general mainland sims. This does not mean to say you will not log into your home to find a naked newbie enjoying your residence, but that you will likely gain support in banning, blocking, and reporting (if necessary) any true nuisances. Theme: While not everyone is a big fan of mid-century style, I personally find comfort in that I’ve “invested” in a residence that looks and operates like a city. Again think streets, parks, canals, urban builds and so on. In Bay City you are NOT confined to a set of covenants constructed by a single or small group of individuals, and you also don’t have the cookie cutter conformity of modern suburbia. There is variety here. Yet the likeliness of having a giant mushroom, tree house, or adfarm-like apparatus move in next door are considerably lessened. At these prices most people do want to design builds that enhance not detract from the general vibe. You will NOT find vast swathes of abandoned land anywhere in Bay City!
A Special note to retailers: While inworld sales have all but tanked in many sectors, traffic numbers are very good in Bay City, and there is a regular stream of varied residents cruising around and exploring. Well themed ground floor stores have a good chance of attracting customers old and new. It’s also a great place to network, and get word out about your wares!
What I personally LOVE about Bay City: Variety! This is not a place where you have to dress in period, act in character, or be a certain “type” of avatar. This is a very open community where all (TOS abiding) citizens are welcome and free to live and build. In Bay City we have residents of all ages and sizes, all political and personal views, all races, colors, sizes, sexes, and shapes. We welcome kids, furries, fairies, newbies, non-humans and more. I myself get rather bored where everyone looks like Barbie and Ken (although I do embrace my inner Barbie… and frequently too), but people (because that’s what we really are under all the pixels) are free to be whatever they like, the community is diverse and reflects well the general diversity of Second Life.
Community: We have a great friendly, active, and cooperative community. One that is willing to lend a hand, give you tips, share inventory (like you don’t have enough already right?), and more.
So what are you waiting for? Whether you are looking to build a new business, home, something just for kicks, or want a good fun place to play… Come to Bay City! It’s the BEST little city on the grid!!!

Super Fun Things to Do in Bay City

Go to the Bay City Community Center in Daley Bay and learn all about Bay City… and pick up free stuff. Take a trolley, ferry or balloon ride. Visit Harry Hippo Fun Land, play games, go on the rides, and win free stuff. There’s also a tube rezzer for uber tubing fun! Play the seven seas fishing game there in the bay. Visit the Bay City Aquarium. Discover the secrets of Molexandria, an ancient archeological build under the city. Visit the Channel Island Asylum… if you dare! Get a free boat in Wellfleet or Newport and go sailing. Have a picnic at any one of our many municipal parks or scenic lighthouses. Go Bowling Go roller skating. Dine in or take out we’ve got lots of good eats to be found. Visit Hotel Falmouth… and hope that you can find your way back out :/ Chat with others at our info hubs in Moose Beach or the Bay City Municipal Airport. Rez N Ride down Route 66 Explore the Bay City Industrial park and Inner Harbour. Enjoy the Canal park wading pool. Go Shopping! Rez a train at the depot and go for a ride. See what’s on the slab at the science lab in Moloch. Race in the Bay City Rumble on Thursday nights. Enjoy machinima at the Bayjou Theatre. Look for events or just relax and the Bay City Fairgrounds. Stay at one of our motels, hotels, or heck just rent a house or apartment and stick around awhile. Stop by the Bay City Post and say hello! :D

Griefer Madness

Just as I had logged in yesterday to report that all had been quiet in Bay City… there they were in my own sim ackkk griefy globes with scull particles…and in my OWN sim acckkk. Now this is getting serious :o Folks before the vast griefy wasteland that is summer break, please remember to turn on your auto return. Thanks! …carry on :D

Feeder’s Delight

What do you love/not love about Bay City? I'd like to include your thoughts in the Bay City Post thanks!
uccello.poultry I love the community in Bay City. I don't love that more skip that part and simply put up prims. I love the mix of theme and a bit wild. I don't love that people get too wild in ignoring the theme. I love how clear it is that The Lab and the LDPW loves Our Fair City. I don't love that they don't have a headquarters building in BC, if only a branch office.
caitlin.tobias I love the theme and general set up and the events and the work and efforts put into all that. I don't love the feeling of the 'clique' that is supposed to be the community, it is not easy to fit in.
sylvia.tamalyn I also agree about those who just "put up prims", it takes more than that to be a Bay Citizen in my opinion. Of course, not everyone really comes to Bay City to be a part and that is their choice, but it seems an expensive way to just find space to plant a house or whatever and not do anything. lol
laetizia.coronet I don't feel Bay City is a clique. I feel part of it (and am member of some groups) even though I don't have land in town, and never had, and even though I am mostly online when noone in BC is. Perhaps there are cliques in Bay City; but then you have those anywhere you go. Like right here on the feed.
kinnaird I love the sense of community in Bay City. People have been incredibly welcoming to me right from the start. When I took over the Pink from you, Ever, I got messages from people I'd never met welcoming me to the City. When I was working on the firehouse, every day different folks would walk over, introduce themselves, and offer suggestions and help. I think you get out of Bay City what you put into it, but the residents who live and work there make it very easy to integrate into the existing community.
sylvia.tamalyn Oh that's a good point, Kinn....just last night, I received a lovely message from a Bay City member (Faye), regarding a new project I'm working on there. She and I don't know each other yet she made the effort to tell me she liked what I was doing. I've not seen that kind of friendliness anywhere else on the grid! :)
Thanks guys n gals!!! :D

In the Know…

One-third of the world population has never made a phone call. - http://www.the-en.com/t1579-technology-fun-facts-did-you-know Editor’s Note: I’d like to think I’m doing my part to make up for any lack of chatter :o Now you’re in the know. :D

Stay Tuned Next Month as... is it? Could it be?? Summer!!! YUS!

Hey all you Post-Ites! The Bay City Post is now accepting letters to the editor! Please send your letters to Ever Dreamscape. Thank you very much. (Letters may be edited at the “Post’s” discretion for length and/or content…we are after all PG OK???) THE Bay City Post is looking for your news and story contributions! Contributors are compensated with copious quantities of gratitude but few other considerations. *Hugz*


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