//archived The Interview by Uccie Poultry-Seale

The Interview by Uccie Poultry-Seale

Uccie Interviews The Cat

There are times when you walk through Bay City at night and see some movement out of the corner of your eye, up along the rooftops. Bats, flocking after insects? Moles, working overtime? Or The Cat, prowling rooftops and robbing the rich?

You've heard of The Cat in a few police reports and maybe on my blog (http://bit.ly/2ka9xrJ). I was on the roof of the Post building and she dropped by ...

Uccie Poultry-Seale: What brought you to Second Life?

The Cat: Cat burglaring in Real Life just doesn't pay anymore. Security is tighter and many assets are digital now, so why not visit a digital world?

UP-S: What brought you to Bay City?

TC: With the prices of real estate here I figured there would be plenty to steal. Other than one bank that was ridiculously easy to knock over, it's been slim pickings.

UP-S: Everyone in Bay City seems to have a job or favorite activity. What is yours in Our Fair City?

TC: With there being very little to steal, I've had to get a day job, but you'll understand if I'm reluctant to reveal it. Let's just say that I have to get up very early, but I'm sort of rolling in dough.

UP-S: Do you spend much time outside Bay City?

TC: Oh, yes. Nova Albion, Midian City, Shermerville. Lots of nice roofs in Shermerville. The Blake Sea has some wonderful mansions on private islands.

UP-S: What advice would you give to someone looking to move to Bay City?

TC: Rent. Or the most affordable way to live in the city is to simply find an empty house and log out/in there. That's what I do. Mind you, that might be considered trespassing.

UP-S: Bay City is not like typical Mainland, of course, but what do you think of the "wild frontier" outside Bay City?

TC:  Too irregular. You case a joint one day and it is gone the next. I don't even keep landmarks any more. Car thieves are in paradise, though. It's hard to find a road without at least one car dealership.

UP-S: Do you consider your Second Life persona a "character" or a representation of who you are in Real Life?

TC: I've been told I'm quite the character, but my SL self is much younger than my RL self. The old leathers and latex just don't fit like they do in SL.

UP-S: Do you have a philosophy for Second Life?

TC: To each their own, unless I want it. Remember, cats own everything.

UP-S: What ONE thing should anyone not looking in your Profile know about you?

TC: What profile? Not even the Bay City Police have a file on me. I know. I stole it.

UP-S: Any last thoughts you'd like to add?

TC: Ban Lines are your best defense, except against The Cat. Keep your gachas in your Inventory unless you don't want them for long.

It was pure luck to talk to The Cat and now this reporter is out of luck. Do you want to be interviewed for The Post? Know someone who should be? They don't have to be criminals. Contact Uccello Poultry (Display Name varies) or Kinnaird.

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