January 2014

                               Bay City Post   Issue #34

WELCOME to the thirty-forth issue of the Bay City Post! -Keeping you updated on the best city on the grid.

Should Old Labs maintenance be forgot,
and never code’d upon;
The flames of sLove now ticketed,
JIRA passed and now is gone:
Is thy server now grown so cold,
that loving Grid of thine;
That thou canst never once reflect (and by reflect we mean post a pic on the feed)
On Old login screen.
On Old login screen my alt,
On Old login screen,
That thou canst never once redirect,
On Old login screen.

My philosophy in life is this: always strive to make *new* mistakes. Repeating old ones gets tedious.
Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Sunny Salutations   \o/
Ever Dreamscape, Editor



 Upcoming and Future Events
“Molewatch” with Ace Reporter: Marianne McCann
Public Service Announcements
“The Interview” Join Uccie Poultry-Seale as she interviews Group Chat!
“Bay City Cruisin’” with Dakota Schwade
“The Race Report” with ADudeNamed Anthony
All that ...and yes the Weather!


Fourth Annual Event Celebrates Holiday Season 

The Bay City Annual Tree Lighting, concert and fundraiser was held Sunday, 8th December 2013 and featured GoSpeed Racer, Grace McDunnough, and Christov Kohnke. The event was held at the Bay City Fairgrounds, in North Channel.  There was ice-skating, dancing, refreshments and lots of fun! And hey! We only crashed the sim once \o/ …and had an almost immediate restart from the lab! Thanks Lab people!!!
The silent auction included items from Pygar Bu, Cory Edo of Trompe L'oeil, Loki Eliot, ADudeNamed Anthony of 2Zoetic Motors, Robin (Sojourner) Wood, Laetizia "Tish" Coronet, Marianne McCann, Pamela Galli of La Galleria, Zen Zarco of <:*BoOgErS*:>, Wildstar Beaumont, Zak from Bop!, Winter Ventura of Eclectic Randomness, Isley Oodles of Fraidy Cat Designs, Pallina60 Loon, Eden Malik, Ever Dreamscape, and Hendrix Portal, and others.

All proceeds from the silent auction and from donation bins at the venue (kiosks will remain up and ready for your donations until January  6th) will go to Child's Play Charity (www.childsplaycharity.org). Child's Play is a 501c3 non profit organization offers online communities such as ours an opportunity to help seriously ill children around the globe during their hospital stays with the purchase of games and gaming equipment. To date $85,501 has been raised. Yay \o/

A sincere thanks to those who offered items, those who donated, those who entertained and those who came to the sim filled gala! Also, a big thanks to our decorators: Marianne McCann, Pygar Bu and Mr. Windlight himself>>>  Michael Linden, and of course the wonderful folks of the Bay City Alliance!!! Thank you ALL for you kind generosity!!!


Prims Ahoy!

This year’s annual lighted boat parade was hosted by Fenix Eldritch on Thursday, December 12th at the Bay City Fairgrounds North Channel. DJ GoSpeed Racer rocked some wintry tunes for onlookers and a skate party after the parade. The boats were all “decked” out holiday style as they drifted (crashed and ghosted) around the sound! We did have a most excellent and expedient turn around on the sim and the party partied on!! Gotta love that second sim for back up. Thanks Guvnor!!!

** Thank you Marianne McCann and Pygar Bu for a most excellent build at the fairgrounds, and Michael Linden for making things all snowy and windlighty there!!!


Osprey Therian mounts rescue mission while many mourn her creator's passage.
The person behind the avatar Osprey Therian, Vivian Kendall, passed away on the 9th of December. While her involvement with Bay City itself was limited (she organized a Nova Albion to Bay City parade before the original auctions and was party to come Hallowe'en events between us, Nova Albion, and the suburbs), her influence on Residents across the grid, including many in our fair city, is far-reaching.
A memorial was held on the 14th of December on Osprey's land in Bodega. Several attended to listen to Justin Esparza and Enjah Mysterio speak about Vivian.
In attendance, as well as Mysterio and Esparza, were a large selection of prominent avatars, including many from Bay City:Tozh Taurog, Amulius Lioncourt, Fenix Eldritch, Robin Sojourner, Stroker Serpentine, SensualMami, Arrehn Oberlander, Lucy Tornado, Patch Lamington, Wildstar Beaumont, Marianne McCann, Ilianexsi Sojourner, Pixleen Mistral, Rhiannon Chatnoir, Bixyl Shuftan, Monty Talbot, Torley Olmstead, TheaDee, Kumi Kuhr, Mossant Paravane, Gentle Heron, Prokofy Neva, Vick Forcella, RacerXGullwing, Francesca Alva, Molly Montale, Gomi Mfume, Holocluck Henly, Frans Charming, Avi Arrow, NikoKito Aries, Kennylex Luckless, Laetizia Coronet, Otenth Paderborn, Zayn Till, and Watrbabee Greymoon.
The next day saw Osprey Therian lead a heroic mission to hopefully rescue Salazar Jack. Her and a small group of brave adventurers, including our own Felix Eldritch, went through the anomaly in Rodeo in earch of Jack. Unfortunately, members of this team have not made contact since crossing through the portal.
Both were wonderful send offs for a person who had a very big hand in the creative side of Second Life, and who inspired many. She will be missed.

- Marianne McCann

by Marianne McCann

With the holidays upon us, the moles are nestled safely in their warm burrows, and not much seen on our side of the grid.

They have done a bit more holiday decorating, though a plan to tint the effluent of the water treatment plant to green and red seems to have been nixed .

They did do a boat removal in New Port: one that was stuck there, in the air, due to a current "selected/sat upon" auto return bug.

According to head mole, Michael Linden, there are "a bunch" of Bay City-related fixes in the works, but other projects of higher priority are creeping ahead. This will include trolley fixes would could see the overhaul of the entire trolley line. This would be a welcome repair for those who rely on our beleaguered and aging trolley system for local travel.


January 2008 saw a high water mark, with SL hitting its highest concurrency. Over 88,200 were logged into Second Life at the same time. Plans then included increasing capacity for the 100,000 mark, expected by mid-year. 88,200 remains the high point to this day.
According to Linden Lab, Second Life Residents spent a total of 28,274,505 hours inworld in January of 2008. The average concurrency was 38,000 residents.  It is unclear how many of those Residents were 'bot accounts.

Bay City – A Look Back

We should have one!
\o/ Moles!
Fill in the ____________?
I didn’t do Eeet!
Quonset Huts
I GOTTA tell Ya!
Are we there yet?
Thanks fer playin’!

Community Service Announcement

Bay City School of Driving

“Just when you were no longer afraid to go back onto the roads”!
Yes its true Bay City has a School of Driving?!?
While we don’t know who runs it, when classes are held, or how you can become certified (?) We would like to share a few tips for your personal and public driving safety:
There is no such thing as a “wrong” side of the road, or sim, or ditch, canal, playground, private residence and moar. Just hop in and punch those arrow keys!
There are no bad hood ornaments… only bad noobs that won’t stay put.
It’s always advisable to pick up hitchhikers. You never know when you may need a guide to the universe.
Buzzed driving IS drunk driving… happy motoring! *Do not try this irl!!!
When at the Rez N Ride… rez then ride… as in get outta here… what does it say Rez N Loiter?? I don’t think so ;O
You can always use your knees to steer if you run out of hands while driving. This also applies to paws, wings, tentacles, pincers, lolas.. ok you get the idea… hey stop picturing lolas!
The only speed limit in Bay City is that of your graphics card… if ya got it.. go for it!!!
All roads lead to the asylum.
Play safe!!!
*This message brought to you by: Dreamscape Life & Alts You want To Play It Safe You Better Sign Up For Insurance Co. Inc. A subsidiary of Dreamscape Life & Alts You want To Play It Safe You Better Sign Up For Cuz If Ya Don’t Eventually We WILL Get You! Insurance Co. Inc.

Moar Community Service Stuff!

Bay City Launches New Emergency Response Facility! (ERF)
For all your emergency needs, as well as directory service *and* to make insurance claims… please report to our new Emergency Response Facility. While these services have now been outsourced, you can be confident that all your needs will be addressed in a prompt and efficient manner. Go to: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mahulu/127/127/151 Yep that should do it… and we appreciate your calls!

*Calls may be monitored by our customer service reps *cough* (NSA) for you convenience. Ya.. that’s it ;P


Griefer Madness!?!

AR’s work suckas!!!

~Spoiler Alert~

If you have a month of December 2013 when you open your new 2014 calendar… no you do not have to repeat December 2013 whew… glad we cleared that up!
Stay tuned next month….  as we find out if the Mayans merely miscalculated :/


And now for your listening pleasure… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5-eWeOLm2g


ADudeNamed Anthony, Rebel Rumble Rouser and Reporter
Curious Hazelnut, Raving Reporter.
Dakota Schwade, Feature Reporter
Keli Kyrie, Kitchen Konnoisseur
Marianne McCann, Ace Reporter
Qie Niangao, Resident Geek
Uccello Poultry-Seale, Interviewer Extraordinaire
Ever Dreamscape, Editor


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