Bay City Post November 2013

                                          Bay City Post
November2013                                                Issue #32

WELCOME to the thirty-second issue of the Bay City Post! -Keeping you updated on the best city on the grid.

A Mid-Autumn Afternoons Dream

Spring sprang, summer shined, winter welcomes, but I always fall for autumn.
“Color my city bright and pretty.
She frolics in the maze her eyes deft avert my gaze;
I her mentor and she my muse, delighting in the painted hues.
Come play with me under the big oak tree and happily we’ll set our fancy free!”

Seriously though isn’t autumn wonderful? Come visit Bay City!

Sunny Salutations   \o/

Ever Dreamscape, Editor



 Upcoming and Future Events
“Molewatch” with Ace Reporter: Marianne McCann
Public Service Announcements
“Cheeky Geek” with Qie Niangao
“The Interview” Join Uccie Poultry-Seale as she interviews Jack O'Lantern!
“The Race Report” with ADudeNamed Anthony
All that ...and yes the Weather!

December 8th Tree Lighting and Charity Ball

We are seeking the donation of auction items for the Bay City Alliance's annual Tree Lighting Festival and Charity Ball. We are again looking to raise funds at this event for . This organization offers online communities such as ours, an opportunity to help seriously ill children around the globe during their hospital stays with the purchase of games and gaming equipment.

It would be so kind of you to offer a signature item for the silent auction. All proceeds will go directly to and can be delivered to our dedicated alt baycitysl resident, and /or inquiries can be made to Marianne McCann co-founder of the Bay City Alliance or Ever Dreamscape, Editor, The Bay City Post. We would suggest that you send fun, interesting, unique, or merely extravagant transfer items (or a no copy object that the auction winner can give to you to redeem for their prize, if the item(s) have to be no transfer) that reflect well on your SL business, as it is also our goal to offer you a great opportunity to showcase yourself at this popular annual event.

The Tree Lighting Festival is to be held Sunday, December 8th 2013 from 1-4 PM SLT at the Bay City Fairgrounds.The event features the tree lighting and silent auction, as well as live and DJed music with GoSpeed Racer, CelticMaidenWarrior Lancaster, and Grace McDunnough.      
                                                                                                                                                           There will be ice skating, dancing, refreshments and lots of fun! All are welcome to this free public event and we would particularly like to invite you!!

Thank you for your kind consideration!


The Bay City Alliance Event Team

*Please send your holiday ornament to be hung on the tree to Marianne McCann.
**Don’t forget the lighted boat parade to be held in the North Channel later that month.

Halloween Party!

Just as predicted (smart aren’t we?) Halloween came October 31st this year. The Bay City Alliance held an awesome dance party at the Hallowe'en Hay Maze at the Bay City Fairgrounds. The party featured Bay City favorite DJ GoSpeed Racer! Hardly any pumpkins were hurt in the making of this party.
Rumor had it that in addition to Marianne McCann and Pygar Bu; the Lindens helped to spook up the fairgrounds and city. Thanks to Michael Linden for some awesome lighting and the moles for their spookalicious creations \o/



In October, The Bay city Alliance passed its fifth anniversary as a group! The first meeting was 10th October, 2008 Only four members who attended the first meeting (out of 25) are still active in BC. One of the first action items was a welcome basket. BlueGin Yifu, founder of the Bay City Alliance, passed in October 14th, 2010, roughly two years after founding the Bay City Alliance.  She helped spearhead the sense of community, and community participation throughout Bay City.  To this day we still use a stage design she created for our annual Anniversary event.

Got Art?!

Here’s a special opportunity for you artists. The Second Floor Gallery… cool name eh? Will now be featuring different artists’ works every month at the Hyperbole Tower in Bay City, Dennis (home of the Bay City Post and Etv). If you are an artist and would like to showcase you work for a month contact Ever Dreamscape to get on the schedule. This is a free, yes I said FREE opportunity to share your work with the Bay City public.

*Note: the Hyperbole building was custom built by Pygar Bu and is sponsored by Roc Plutonium. Thanks guys!!!


“A Taste of Bay City”

A Taste of Bay City Party is a party that YOU host at YOUR place in Bay City. It can be your residence, business, group headquarters, or any build you like; and held at a date and time of your convenience. It’s a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors and showcase your prims. Whether it’s a grunge party in your garage, a formal dinner, gallery opening or what have you… people want to see you what you’ve got going on! If you’re new to party planning it’s easy to get help from your fellow Bay City Alliance members.
Isn’t it time YOU hosted a “Taste of Bay City Event” at YOUR place? Come to a Bay City Alliance meeting to find out more!


Community Service Announcement

By Marianne McCann
Auction Madness!

With the departure of the MIlky Cats land sellers in Bay City, several parcels ended up back in the hands of Linden Lab. Unlike many parts of the mainland, the Lab does not put Bay City parcels up for sale, but puts them in their auction website to the highest bidder.
Bidding has run the gamut over the last month or so, as the lab has put parcels out. Here is a sample of the parcels auctioned and their final sale price:
A 1024m parcel in Bay City - Argos that sold for L$275,010
A 960m parcel in Bay City - Brewster that sold for L$48,760
An 1120m parcel in Bay City - Brewster that sold for L$57,787
A 432m at Bay City - Maddequet (86,60) went for L$35,010
A 992m at Bay City - Maddequet (28,94) went for L$31,121
A 1024m at Bay City - Maddequet (160,16) went for L$49,010
A 1040m at Bay City - Maddequet (124,44) went for L$30,010
A 1296m at Bay City - Maddequet (116,22) went for L$36,010
An 800m in Bay City - Maddequet (94,14) went for L$36,010
A 992m in Bay City - Maddequet (28,58) went for (L$30,011
A 1024m in Bay City - Maddequet (28,74) went for L$30,021
An 800m in Bay City - Maddequet (28,8) went for L$32,510
A 912m in Bay City - Maddequet (232,246) went for L$40,121
A 1024m in Bay City - Mashpee (20,68) went for L$42,000
A 768m at Bay City - Mashpee (40,220) went for L$39,610
A 1152m at Bay City - Mashpee (12,232) went for L$78,410
An 896m parcel in Bay City - Oldtown that sold for L$58,760
A 672m parcel in Bay City - Orleans that sold for L$33,760
A 784m parcel in Bay City - Orleans that sold for L$38,760
A 1024m in Bay City - Sandwich (28,246) went for L$64,010
A 1024m in Bay City - Sandwich (240,104) went for L$67,532
An 816m in Bay City - Sandwich (40,222) went for L$50,010
A 1024m at Bay City - Sconset (236,106) went for L$43,020
A 784m in Bay City - Sconset (14,94) went for L$25,010
A 1024m in Bay City - Sconset (28,42) went for L$30,810
A 992m in Bay City - Sconset (28,58) went for L$27,321

Our congratulations to all auction winners, and we look forward to seeing the good things done with these lands by these and future owners!  


Fall is for Furries!

What better way to spend time in this cool fall weather than to cozy up with your favorite furry friends?!
So fasten your seatbelts and gas up your vehicle at CC's Pouloco Station in Bay City, Bay City - Dennis –

Then scoot down to Apricot & Co. Tailors of Fine Apparel for Fuzzy Bums & Cafe

After that you can enjoy some reggae and an educational exhibit at Zion Kitty Rastafarian / Reggae Fashion, Bay City - Morton -

~Spoiler Alert~

Remember December is slick so don’t fender bender!!


Stay tuned next month….  as the Bay City Fairgrounds freeze over :D



ADudeNamed Anthony, Rebel Rumble Rouser and Reporter
Curious Hazelnut, Raving Reporter.
Dakota Schwade, Feature Reporter
Keli Kyrie, Kitchen Konnoisseur
Marianne McCann, Ace Reporter
Qie Niangao, Resident Geek
Uccello Poultry-Seale, Interviewer Extraordinaire
Ever Dreamscape, Editor


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