//archived Police and Fire Blotter with Kinnaird

December 31st, North Channel – A herd of Emu was accidentally delivered to the Fairgrounds. Delivery workers tried to put them back into the truck, but were attacked. The herd eventually wondered off, leaving an empty buffet table and a few presents on the dance floor.

January 1st, North Channel – A few fires were reported being started from the New Years fireworks. Bystanders at the Fairgrounds quickly responded and put out the flaming partygoers. Aside from stepping in Emu droppings, the New Years party was a splendid success.

January 3rd, Truro – Police responded to reports of a horse caught in the Trolley. After getting the horse to the nearest veterinarian, investigators found a trail of chewed up beer cans leading all the way back to the Bay City Brewery.

January 9th, Bay City – Citizens reported seeing a suspicious truck stopping in front of houses all over town. When police responded, the truck was discovered to be delivering the Bay City Post. The driver was asked to deliver the paper at a more reasonable hour instead of in the middle of the night.

January 10th, Bay City – Citizens reported receiving prank calls from phones across Bay City. One person was even accused of holding The Prince of Wales hostage in a can. Police are still investigating this ongoing issue.

January 11th, Bay City – The Bay City Civil Defense raised the Grid Crash DefCon level to 2. Avatars started going missing, prims refused to rez, even whole regions suddenly disappeared. The Lindens solved the problem and called the All Clear a few hours later. 

January 12th, Truro – Loud noises were heard around Truro. Eye witness reports described a tan car belonging to the Sansara National Guard. The owner was advised to seek a mechanic, as no car should ever make those kinds of sounds. In other news, stock continues to rise in migraine medicine, specifically companies who sell to stores around Bay City.

January 13th, Sandwich – After receiving a tip about someone planning on running a truck into the Toxic Taco, the Fire Department mobilized a helicopter with a water bucket in order to quickly put out the fire. When it proved to be a false report, the water was flown over to help fill in the new Crystal Pool in Dennis.

January 20th, Daley Bay – A flock of Flamingos invaded the Bay City Alliance Meeting. After posing for numerous photographs, the flock was last seen heading towards East River in search of fresh seafood.

January 24th, Truro – A yellow taxi was seen speeding away from the Bay City Credit Union. Bystanders reported hearing an alarm go off shortly before the suspect fled the scene. Police have video of the suspect and expect an arrest to be made in the near future.


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