Bay City Impressions: Ever's Night

It was expected, despite all the warnings, the precautions and the Bay City Fire Department, Ever's Night passed through our Fine City as a tornado of raging fires leaving a trail of destruction and breath taking smoke.

Only people that are insured can try and get a refund from their agent (be insured!). The rest have to rebuild prim by prim.

Following impressions from Ever's Night. We had to hand-pick from the many many pictures that were submitted to the editor of this Fine Newspaper. Thank you all for your contributions!
Image Solo Anatra Freelance Photographer preparing

Image Roc Plutonian. Everfool (leg) captured on film
Image Roc Plutonian. Everfool (leg) captured on film, zoomed

Image Lucien Greybeard. BCFD preparing

Image Thomas Hooker. BCPD on fire and the car!
Image Solo Anatra @Docklands

Image Vick Forcella @Daley Bay, Community Centre

Image Thomas Hooker @Moloch

Image Vick Forcella @Mashpee, The Pen

Image Vick Forcella @Villareal

Image Vick Forcella @Sandwich

Image by CC Columbo @Dennis

Image Solo Anatra @Truro. Safety Girl taking off

Image Solo Anatra @Dennis View from helicopter

Image Solo Anatra @Bay City Marina - New Port

Image Solo Anatra @Tisbury

Image Solo Anatra @Dennis

Image Solo Anatra @Brewster

Image Solo Anatra @Harwich

Image Solo Anatra @Weston

Image Thomas Hooker BCPD making sure nobody parks here

Image Lucien Greybeard, BCFD at work

Image Lucien Greybeard BSFD at work

Image Vick Forcella @Alua

Image by Dakota Schwade @Molesworth

Image Lucien Greybeard BCFD resting after work

Image Kinnaid Fiachra, Meeting of the Secret Cult of EverFools

Image Kinnaird Fiachra (half eaten) @ Ever Island

Reporter Vick Forcella
Images CC Columbo, Dakota Schwade, Kinnaird Fiachra, Lucien Greybeard, Roc Plutonian, Solo Anatra, Thomas Hooker, Vick Forcella

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