Police and Fire Blotter

March 16th
A local resident's pet dog caught a Mole hiding in the bushes near their property. After being checked out by paramedics from the Bay City Fire Department, the Mole was given a clean bill of health, a box of Mole Snax, and sent on his way. No citations were given as the Mole declined to press charges, however, the Bay City Police K9 unit was seen having words with the suspect dog.

March 17th
The Bay City Coast Guard was spotted performing operations in Daley Bay after the Bay suddenly turned green. Local authorities could not be reached for comment, though some nearby residents claimed the colour to be proof of toxic spill-off from the water treatment plant.
March 29th
Panic started to ensue over the fuel shortage caused by people stockpiling fuel for Ever's Night. Residents were lined up for blocks to fuel up. The Bay City Police eventually stationed officers at the gas stations after an altercation involving thrown poultry.

March 29th
Sconset was blockaded this evening as the Bay City Space Program launched a space flight. Bystanders attempted to line the canal to watch, but were turned away by the Bay City Coast Guard. The Bay City Fire Department was on standby, though was not needed as the craft returned to the launching pad safely.

March 30th
Route 66 was shut down for a short time as the Bay City Police Department escorted a convoy of fuel trucks into the city. One resident noted that the lead truck had a Bay City Fire Department livery and disappeared somewhere along the route near the fire station.

March 31st
As festivities began across the city for Ever's Night, Bay City Police and Bay City Firefighters were seen securing several properties in preparation. Sansaran armed forces were seen setting up in Nova Albion to ensure the local celebration did not move out into the rest of the continent.
Chief Greybeard and Captain Olrich preparing for Evers Night
Reporter Thomas Hooker
Images Thomas Hooker, Vick Forcella

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