Our landlord still has not fixed Mount G'al. When you jump in you will live a high age as a Golem covered in lava.
The consequence is that our attempts to fix SL, by jumping in, has no lasting effect. It will remain wonky.

Our landlord still hasn't fixed the feed, aka, webprofiles, aka my.secondlife.com.

The feed was amazing. You could share and post images with location. With that you could discover new and amazing places. You could follow unique personalities, become friends with them.

I have found many friends using the feed.
Without the feed I am 100% sure I would have fallen off Second Life.
I would not have become citizen of Bay City.
I would not be here as editor of the Bay City Post.

Due to continuing brokenness of the feed people have vanished from it. Others rarely post and share experiences. Even I have reduced my Feed time.

If you post you'd have to check whether or not the post has arrived. If it doesn't you'd have to post again. Sometimes you'll find that the first post was delayed and you end up with two identical posts or with no posts at all.
Often you can not log-in.

The alternative, Twitter, is utterly depressing and impossible to follow.

Now that our landlord has found new fortunes it must now be able to fix the feed once and for all. And fix Mount G'al so we can contribute even more to the survival of our world.
This month there is much to see, much to do. Enjoy!

Thank you ! TJ, Qie, Dakota, Georgiana, Marianne, Roc and Bay City for this edition!

Happy Birthday Second Life.
Editor Vick Forcella

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