Police and Fire Blotter

May 10th
Police were called by a man who reported seeing a strange light in the night sky. Responding officers found the light to be the moon. The man was invited for a stay at Channel Island for as long as the light was following him.

May 15th
New Port Harbourmaster's called the Bay City Coast Guard in a panic as the marina was emptied overnight. During the investigation, several of the boats sailed back into the port. It seems there was a mass gathering of boat owners in Bellisseria as something called a "Squishy Pickle" was released.

May 17th
The Bay City Coast Guard was called up to Heterocera to assist as a locally owned tour bus ran off of the boardwalk. All avatars were rescued, and the bus was recovered. In another note, Toxic Taco is having a sale on their fish tacos, citing a whole lot of freshly caught fish.

May 19th
Residents from the East side clogged the phone lines calling the Bay City Police Department to complain about a loud screeching coming from the Fairgrounds. Responding officers arrived to see the Editor singing in the bandshell. No action was taken, though one of the officers was overheard mentioning that he should have recorded the sound for a new siren.

May 20th
Route 66 was closed today for the Bay City 11th Anniversary parade. Residents were lined up along the route to see the parade pass by. The roadway was opened again once the revelers moved down to the Fairgrounds for the party. Bay City Sanitation workers were seen working through the night to clean up the droppings from everyone's horses.

May 24th
Neighbours near North Channel reported hearing loud noises coming from a helicopter parked at the Sansara National Guard Headquarters. The SNG Commander checked out the situation and found that a fox had hidden aboard the helicopter. The fox was adopted by Commander Coronet and is now called Fritz.

May 27th
The Bay City Police opened an investigation into the editor of the Bay City Post publishing classified snapshots from the SL Birthday regions. Detectives were surprised when the Police Chief himself decided to work the case. Attempts were made by reporters to get an update on the case, but all of the files seem to have gone missing.
Reporter Thomas Hooker

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