If you talk about Bellisseria the discussion often moves towards mainland and the (lack of) attention it receives from Linden Lab.
After a number of discussions about this it becomes time to say it out loud.

Linden Lab has stopped caring for the mainland.

In the olden days, not so long ago, moles were working on improving the mainland in various ways.

They dived into the deep seas to plant weeds and set free fish. They set out routes and build an infra-structure increasing the value of the attached land. Regions appeared at places where SL sailing was difficult.

What's that with mainland?

Mainland *is* Second Life!

Mainland makes from Second Life a World! A world to explore and discover. It gives dimension, width and length. It allows people to own part of the world by buying a plot of land. It is a place to meet random people. 

Mainland can be explored, by boat, car or airplane. Try doing that on a sim.

Linden Lab and the moles used to improve things. fill a void, make it better. Make it worth exploring.

The emptiness of mainland is probably because Linden Lab has forgotten about it. They want the BIG spenders that want an expensive sim and if you can't afford a sim you have to go to Bellisseria, the poor peoples refuge.

It appears as if Linden Lab wants people to move out of mainland and move them to Bellisseria, since that is what is happening. Mainland becomes more and more a wasteland. Empty. Home for grievers.

I bet there are hundreds of completely empty mainland regions. Completely empty. Not a single prim.
Empty is empty is dead.

Long time ago at a beach I knew well, there suddenly were beach chairs, a surfboard, and a cooler with drinks. Oh, and a rezzone. Just like that. Nobody asked for it but it was suddenly there. Making that beach alive.

Editor Vick Forcella
Mainland is loved by so many, except by Linden Lab and I am so sad about that.

It is even so that some fear to talk about this. They feel forced to cheer and applaud the moles and Linden Lab.Fear to express critique about mainland.

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against Bellisseria, I love it. But mainland is ignored and forgotten by the moles and Linden Lab. Those that claim that Bellisseria is mainland, try and buy land at Bellisseria and build a house there.
Now that I have this heavy load of my chest, thank you for reading the Bay City Post.
Send your love towards your reporters that made it possible, Thomas, Dakota, Qie and Marianne. Some love for me would be nice too. Thank you.
Editor Vick Forcella

1 comment:

  1. Argon says:
    You have said what has needed to be said. We of the mainland pay the same membership as the Belliserians and are entitled to the same level of service. It is not the fault of the Moles, but rather of their Linden employers and the opprobrium must fall upon them for this outrage.



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