Bay City Cruis'n

Some days I think to myself, "I need a new car."

Which is usually followed by, "I need a new car?"

After a bit of back and forth in this manner I typically give in and wander about "window shopping" to see what is available.

What's on the other side of these windows?
Who: sumire Papp
What: SUMI Vehicles
Where: Bay City - Mashpee

Two wheels. Three wheels. Four wheels. Amphibious. Somewhat military. I like the Boogie Buggy the most.

The manufacturer promises high quality, low land impact and smooth cross-border performance.

And there's a rezzer for test drives, along with a small cafe in the back so you can have a place to calmly decide which vehicle suits you.
The SUMI Vehicles cafe provides mostly donuts. However, I was looking for something else to help my thought process. What's this nearby? Ah, just the thing!
Who: Naughty Mole
What: Talpa's Ice Creams
Where: Bay City - Mashpee

This is an LDPW (Linden Department of Public Works) municipal structure, providing vital services to our fair city.

Vital ... I could not agree more ... Banana Sundae, Raspberry Ripple, Strawberry Surprise ... Mint Chocolate Chip. Sold!
That's it for this cruise through Bay City.

I hope to see you on the road. Happy motoring!
Reporter Dakota Schwade

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