The rain-forests in America are vital to the world. Converting them to farmland is an eternal loss.
The airplane landed in Glasgow where my vacation in England started.
The heather in Holland, near Dwingeloo, is well worth a visit.
I would love to rent a sim in Second Life so that I have full privacy.

When enough people use a word to describe something that word becomes synonym with that, even when it's technically incorrect.

America is a continent. North North America is better known as Canada. Rain-forests in America can be found in Brazil. Yet when people talk of America, nine out of ten times they mean the United States of America.

When people talk about England, most of the time they mean Great-Britain, that includes Whales, Scotland and England.

When people talk about Holland they probably mean The Netherlands, that includes two Hollands. North- and South-Holland, and ten other provinces including Drenthe. And also islands in the Caribbean.

A region isn't a sim, technically. The word Sim comes from Simulator. A computer or, to be more accurate, a server where a program runs to simulate part of the world. A simulator, in Second Life, can contain five regions. The way things are going servers will be replaced by a cloud, a number of connected servers. A cloud can contain much more then five regions when the machines are strong enough. In theory a cloud can move towards your location reducing lag.
A region is a square of 256x256 meter. Each region has a name and our world is build from those 256^2 blocks.

When people talk of a sim, nine out of ten times they mean a region. Don't correct them.
Enough people use the word sim to identify a region, a sim is a region.

Just for the record, I'm not a Hollander.
This edition would not be possible without the amazing support of your reporters Thomas, Qie, Dakoka and Marianne. Send them your love! Perhaps I should give them a pay-rise.

See you all soon!
Editor Vick Forcella
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