Bay City Finest To Bellisseria

It has been noticed that the natives in Bellisseria are lacking a bit of culture. They party a lot but are missing something essential to make the parties better, more explosive.
Filling the tanker truck

The Cultural Exchange Committee of our Fine city came to the conclusion that a volunteer had to bring them the best Bay City has to offer, Bay City Brew (tm). With this offer of our finest it is expected that the ties between Bay City and Bellisseria will improve a lot, and that the parties will go just as wild as in Bay City.
Lining up with the barge

Vick Forcella, a relatively unknown citizen of our Fine city, was pointed out as the volunteer to bring Bay City Brew to the natives in Bellisseria. The rationale used is that he has won, at the auction, an Infinity tanker truck with sufficient capacity and that he has experience as a janitor bringing coffee to Roc Plutonian.
Barge loaded

Reluctantly he took on this task. Roc did not blackmail him with "those' pictures nobody knows about.
Barge being pushed

The voyage towards Bellisseria took two days of travel. Many problems had to be resolved during the ride one of the biggest problems is, our Fine city has no road connection to Bellisseria. Between Bay City and Mainland Sansara is no paved road available, between Sansara and Bellisseria is only water.
Pushing barge goes wrong

The Bay City Brew donated it's best brew for this friendly cause. After loading the tanker truck, painted with the Bay City Brew logo, Vick took off.
En route

To cross the waters a giant barge was used that had to be pushed by a tug (push) boat. Immediately at the harbor at New Port things went wrong. The barge can not be steered and the push boat was a bit too strong, some boats that were moored there had their paint scraped off. Lucky no boat was sunk and the tanker truck didn't fall off the barge.
Off loading at Cowell

Just after Abbotts, at Cowell, the barge was unloaded and after demolishing some shrubbery the truck found a paved road. Things went a lot faster driving on the roads.
Driving through Sansara

The mission nearly stopped at the winterlands as the truck wasn't equipped with snow chains. The tires slipped dangerously while taking a slope.
Most bridges didn't cause problems except the bridge at Miller where traffic had to be stopped to let the truck pass, very very slowly.
Tight bridge at Miller

When the evening came Vick slept in the cabin after drinking some culture out of the tanker truck.
Arrival at Bellisseria

The next day the only way to reach the water is to go extreme off-roading. The truck was loaded on the barge again and was pushed to Norse Auk on the edge of Bellisseria where the truck was unloaded into the secret tank inside the lighthouse.
Ready to unload

Soon the natives gathered around the lighthouse and filled their cans with the best Bay City Culture could offer.
Unloading Bay City Brew

Representatives from Bellisseria expressed eternal great gratitude towards Bay City.
Reporter Vick Forcella
Images direct from the feed, resized

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