SL16B Bellisseria

The Bellisseria Community group is ran by a local resident of Bellisseria, MarkusBrant. The group is for residents and visitors of Bellisseria to come together as a community. We have many events organized by the community, as well as ongoing events such as the Bellisseria Community Parade of Homes.

The Exhibit for SL16B was created as a joint project between ThomasHooker, MarkusBrant, Talisien Llewellyn, and Script Alchemi. A special thanks goes out to the Bellisseria Community who made it all possible.
The building was inspired by the Newport Balboa Savings and Loan building, and was made by ThomasHooker to blend in with the neighbouring Bay City exhibit. The exhibit contains information about various groups in Bellisseria, including local talent, events, and some very special characters from the community. There is a wall with photos contributed by residents, as well as several gifts made by MarkusBrant.

At the counter, you can pick up a Travelers Hud and a hud for our Parade of Homes.
The Bellisseria Community Parade of Homes started as a group chat where people wanted a way to show that they opened their homes for visitors. It has since grown to feature homes from across Bellisseria in a hud ran by Script Alchemi. Residents who wish to be a part of this are all welcome, and can be added or removed at any time they wish. The system is ran by a database, so it is constantly up to date.

The Bellisseria Community group has a website full of useful information, including resident made additions to the Linden Homes, as well as a list of places of interest around

You can also find our Flickr full of the wonderful photos taken by residents and visitors.
Reporter Thomas Hooker

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